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Dear Friends,

After the women left the empty tomb they had an encounter with the risen Christ. The Bible says they took hold of his feet and worshiped him. Then Jesus said to them: “Do not be afraid, go and tell!”

Like Mary Magdalene and the other Mary, we too have our own empty tomb experiences. In another passage about a resurrection appearance of Jesus, the disciples are quoted as saying: we had hoped, but..

Their hope turned up empty, so they thought; ours may turn up the same. BUT then comes that encounter with the risen Christ; that moment when God becomes more real to us than ever before. 

The risen Christ instructed the women not to keep their experience to themselves, but rather to be brave enough to give testimony to it. They are to go and tell the disciples, and when they do, the disciples will also have an encounter with the risen Christ.

When we give testimony to our own encounters of the risen Christ— especially when the encounter came in the face of an “empty tomb”, we are giving the opportunity for another to have their own risen Christ encounter.  The Great Commission sends us into the world to proclaim the good news. We do so believing the risen Christ will appear in every proclamation.

Do not be afraid; go and tell.


Pastor Bob