History of Lima United Methodist Church

In the fall of 1832, a society of eight persons met at the home of William and Ellenoir Fox, located in Lima at the corner of Pennell and Middletown Roads. The leader of the society at the time was a local preacher named James Riddle.  The group formed the nucleus of what was to become Lima Methodist Church.

The society met in a log cabin school house during the year of 1833, and the growing congregation was made a part of the Chester County Circuit (a grouping of Methodist Churches).  Two years later the trustees purchased one acre upon which a stone meeting house was built, and this is the site of the present-day church.

In the intervening years additional land has been acquired and new worship and educational facilities added.  The church is now a flourishing congregation, not only in terms of its membership, but more importantly, in terms of its service to the community and the world.  We are now experiencing a resurgence of interest from retired persons in numerous life care facilities close by our location and from young families who find our contemporary services welcoming as well as our nursery and educational services attractive.  Lima UMC continues to be a place where young and old share a friendly atmosphere, and the challenge to serve and care for others in the name of Christ is always present.

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